10 ways to be a better dad

10 ways to be a better dad

1. Respect your child's mother

One of the best things a father can do for his child is to respect his mother. If you are married, keep your marriage strong and affectionate. Even if you are not married, it is still vital to respect your child's mother!

If the father and mother of the child respects and shows this to the little one, you will provide stability and peace of mind. When children notice that their parents respect each other, they will feel that they are respected and accepted in the family.

2. Spend time with your child

The way the father spends his time with his child, will tell him what the parent feels for him.

If you seem too busy, then the child will feel neglected, no matter what you say. Valuing your children and spending time with them will mean sacrificing many things that were pleasing to you before, but it is vital to give up all this and guaranteed the satisfaction will be much greater. Children grow up very fast and lost opportunities will be lost.

3. Earn the right to be heard

It happens far too often for the father to communicate with the child only when he has done a fool, which is why most children hide when they hear their mother saying, "your father wants to talk to you!". Start talking to your child when he is young, so that the more delicate topics can be better understood as they grow up. Set aside time to listen to their ideas and problems.

4. Discipline with love

All children need guidance and discipline, but not as punishment, but only to set certain reasonable limits. Remind them of the consequences of their actions and try to reward them for appropriate behavior. The tactics that are calm and correct when they want to discipline their children thus demonstrate by patience their love for their children.

5. The secret of a model father

Dads are a role model for their children, whether they realize it or not. If a girl spends her time with her loving father, when she grows up, she will know that she has the right for a boy to behave beautifully and to respect her and what to look for in a husband. Fathers can teach their children what is important in life, by teaching them what honesty and responsibility mean. "Everyone is a stage", and the father plays a vital role!

6. The secret of a father - a good teacher

Many parents have the impression that someone else must teach their child! Wrong! A father who will teach his child about good and bad and will always encourage him, will notice that he will make most of the right decisions. Involved fathers use everyday life examples to teach their children the first lessons of their lives.

7. Family meal

Sharing a meal, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, can be a very important and healthy part of your family's life. Even if it is a busy day for you, a family meal gives the child the opportunity to communicate, express their wishes and share them. It is also a good time for dad to listen and give advice and, most importantly, it is the best time when the family can be together in the same place.

8. Read to your child

In a world where TV dominates the life of your child, it is very important for the father to make time to read to his child. Children learn much faster and better when they read or do certain things themselves, even if they hear or see. Start by reading to your child when he is young, and as he grows up, encourage him to read by himself. By developing your child's love for reading, you can say that you take one of the best measures to ensure a better future for him, because it will influence both his personal and professional life.

9. Show her affection

Children need assurance that they are wanted, loved and accepted by their family. Parents, especially fathers, need to feel comfortable and want to hug their child. Show your affection every day, this being the best way to show your child how much you care about him.

10. Dad's job - a full-time job

Even after the children have grown up and are ready to leave home, they will still seek wisdom and advice from their father. Whether it is education, a new service or a wedding, fathers continue to play an important role in children's lives as they grow up.

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