12 combinations of names for brother and sister

12 combinations of names for brother and sister

Choosing the right baby name can prove to be a difficult process, which involves a lot of things to consider. You think you have to sound good, impress, not become the subject of jokes or give birth to nicknames. Where else do you think it has to match the family name or that of the brothers or sisters.

Each name has a special meaning and you will want to look for that name that highlights the special qualities of your child. Somehow, you sense from the first moment you feel him hitting your belly what kind of man he will be. And he seems to guide you in choosing the name that best represents him.

Classic names for brother and sister

The classic names will always find a special place in the hearts of their parents, because they transcend time and adapt to each era. Many are on the list of the most popular names in contemporary world names, without being a poster. If you want such names for your twin girl and boy or for your older brother-sister, consider the following proposals:

1. Matthew and John

Both are biblical names, especially beloved and popular. They are perhaps the most beautiful names of saints in the Christian religion. Together, they contain all the vowels in Romanian, which makes them sound extraordinarily melodious.

2. Jacob and Isabel

If you are not looking for a combination of names that sound or look too similar, but still have that classic feel, Jacob and Izabela are a perfect combination of the classic together.

3. Petra and Paul

I refer directly to St. Peter and Paul. The sound impact is so strong that you can not be fascinated by this combination of names.

4. Mihai and Theodora

Another popular combination of holy names that many parents consider. Each one sounds good, regardless of the name it is associated with.

Rare names for your little girl and boy

If you are looking for rare names that will stand out, there are several amazing combinations to choose from. Here are some pairs of unique, but sensitive names, suitable for brother and sister:

5. Elian and Amira

These sonorous names, rarely encountered, have a special significance. The first comes from the Greek word "helios", which means "sun". The second is of Hebrew origin, but is also found in Arabic, meaning "princess".

6. Ania and Eric

Although it sounds different, these names form an amazing combination. Of Slavic origin, the name Ania means: attraction, sympathy, kindness, mercy, grace, kindness, kindness, kindness, grace. Eric, on the other hand, is an old Scandinavian name that has the meaning of "eternal ruler".

7. Beatrice and Philip

These two names have a strong historical resonance. Even if their association is not always obvious, both indicate an active, courageous, authoritarian nature. The girl's name Beatrice is of Latin origin and refers to the idea of ​​happiness, bliss. It has been carried by a martyr from 300, being spread throughout Europe today.

Philip, on the other hand, comes from the Greek Philippos, translated by the phrase "horse lover". This name was borne by many kings of Macedonia, France and Spain. At the same time, it has biblical significance, one of the 12 apostles being called Philip. It was widespread in the Middle Ages and has recently returned to use.

8. Iustin and Iasmina

Although not very popular, both names are extremely beautiful and show great qualities. Iustin is the defender of justice, having a correct, fair, character trait of highly appreciated. Jasmine means "jasmine flower", a sacred flower for the peoples of the Himalayas, Persia and Kashmir. Jasmine is the holy flower of the Hindu god of love, Kama. A fragrant symbol of love, this flower is present in Indian wedding ceremonies, providing the new couple with a deep and eternal affection.

Popular name for girl and boy brothers

Popular baby names are popular for one reason - they are extremely loved. If you have recently heard a name and you simply fell in love with it, do not hesitate to consider it. Even though there are great chances to meet many children with the same name, you cannot deny how well and harmoniously it sounds.

9. Teodor and Sofia

Theodore comes from the Greek language and means "The Gift of God". In the Orthodox Christian calendar are mentioned more than 60 saints and saints who bore these beautiful names: Theodore or Theodora. Sofia is also a common name, being used quite often since the early centuries of the Christian tradition. In Greek, the name Sophia was used long before the advent of Christianity, being the name of the goddess of wisdom.

10. Eduard and Evelyn

Both start with the letter "E" and are among the most beloved names at the moment. Old name of Anglo-Saxon origin, Eduard has an impressive continuity in England, being a favorite dynastic name. It translates to the phrase "blessed guardian". As for Evelyn, some etymologists say that it comes from the Latin "avis" which means bird. Other experts believe that this name is actually derived from Eve, a name of Jewish origin meaning "life".

11. Arthur and Antonia

With a strong sonority, these two modern names, both starting with the letter A, form a distinct pair. It is not known exactly what is the etymology of the male first name Arthur, but everyone associates it with the legendary King of Camelot. As for Antonia, it is among the most beautiful names in our contemporary onomastics, the linguistic researchers approaching the meaning of this name with the Greek noun "anthos" which means "flower".

12. Damian and Amedeea

These two first names sound very good and separate, but together they get a sound that is fascinating. They come from Greek and have a special significance. Amedeea means "love of God", while Damian comes from the name "Damianus", which in turn derives from the verb "damazein", which means "to tame".

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