Creative ways to divide the bedroom between brothers

Creative ways to divide the bedroom between brothers

The children's bedroom can easily be transformed into a sea of ​​discord in the relationship between siblings. And so there are many factors that contribute to the emergence and development of fraternal rivalry, you do not want the bedroom to become a seed of scandal among children! Here are some creative ways to share the children's room, to avoid quarreling and for the little ones to be satisfied with the "conquered" territories following the delimitation of the room!

Choose the largest room in the house!

Even if you want the big bedroom for yourself and your life partner, it is important to give it to the children. The more children you have, the more it is advisable to offer them the largest room in the house. Think about the space being split or divided into several parts, if you have more than two children. It is essential to provide as much private space to each child as possible, within the limits of the possibilities.

Divide the room evenly and set the neutral spaces!

Most often, the seed of scandal between siblings occurs when one of the children receives a larger space than the other. Therefore, it is advisable to share the room from the beginning evenly, taking care to ensure neutral spaces: the playground, the office, the closet, etc., to which both or all children have access.

Replace classic furniture!

If you do not have a spacious room, it is advisable to opt for bunk beds. They help you save room in the room and provide the same sleeping space for each child. Another way to save space is to choose pieces of furniture. Avoid loading the room with classic shelves and cabinets where you can keep children's books or toys.

Opt for modern decorative bags, which can be held at the end of the bed and are perfect for storing toys and other objects. Instead of shelves and libraries, opt for shelves or shelves that attach directly to the wall. This way, you can use the space that classic furniture would occupy in a more efficient and interesting way for the little ones.

Use colors and decorations to delimit the space!

The brightest and brightest colors are the ones that paint the children's universe. Use them to decorate, but especially to delimit the space in the bedroom of the little ones. If you use colorful lines and stripes and nice and creative decorations to share the space in the room, the little ones will not feel nor notice so strongly the delimitation. They will only see the multi-colored toys and will feel the joy of having a beautifully colored room.

Get rid of the crowd in the room!

With two or more children in a room, crowding is difficult to avoid. Therefore, you must use all the tricks you have at hand to ensure every child the private space he needs. One of these tricks is to mount a magnetic decorative board and hang toys and other objects on it. Also, the installation of hooks on which the children's backpacks, bathrobes or other toys hang is a method by which you can "air" a little more space in the room.

Choose multifunctional items and furniture!

Keep your eyes on the four pieces of furniture and decorative objects that are versatile or multifunctional! Opt for a writing desk that can be transformed, quickly and when needed, into a baby's desk or desk, for versatile chairs, which can become tables or bedside tables at any time for the child to keep water and other things to keep. needs more at night etc.

In this way, you save space and satisfy all the needs of the child in order to grow big and healthy.

How did you divide the room of your children so as to avoid quarreling and to thank them all? Share your opinions in the comments section below!

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