8 habits of super healthy families

8 habits of super healthy families

A happy family is, first and foremost, a healthy family. For this, it is necessary to adopt habits as healthy as I can. No matter how hard it may seem, they can be grown quite easily in everyday life if parents and children make a strong team and apply the habits that exist in families with an iron health.

1. Routine

Children are not very aware of what routine means, but when they know that they have certain tasks to do each day, it will be easier for them to become aware of this and to adopt certain habits without blinking. This category can include activities such as brushing your teeth or a short walk after the evening meal, with the whole family. Thus, healthy actions will become a habit for the little ones and they will want to do these activities with adults without going against it.

2. Movement

Family sports should also become a habit. Ideally, you should choose a time of day when all family members are at home. And on the weekend, join the kids in the park games, in sports like volleyball, basketball, handball. Make the hikes together whenever you have the opportunity, because they not only help maintain health, but also strengthen family relationships.

3. The power of example

As adults are the ones in the behavior that children learn, it is important for parents to be an example for young children. So it is the duty of every parent not to eat unhealthy in front of the child or to stay up late at night. Adults should sleep 7-8 hours per night, while children need 10 or more hours of sleep.

4. Cooking in the family

Preparing the meal with the children encourages them to become more responsible, but it will make them feel appreciated. It also creates a harmonious atmosphere, full of good will, which leads to the reduction of stress and anxiety. At the same time, cooking together means that each member of the family has a task, that the team spirit will be cultivated.

Some studies suggest that little ones who cook with their families do better in school. Another benefit of cooking together is that brought to health, because they will use natural, healthy ingredients that are not a danger to weight.

5. Family dinner

Healthy eating habits are best achieved at meals taken within the family. A mild-mannered child will be tempted to try a new food, seeing others eating it, while a toddler lusting for carbonated drinks or unhealthy foods will learn to opt for healthy options, taking example from parents or parents. to older brothers. More than that, dinner is also an occasion of joy, an occasion where each member of the family will tell what happened to them during the day.

6. I take vitamins

Sometimes even the healthiest foods on the planet cannot provide the vitamins needed for a healthy living. To prevent deficiencies, dietary supplements are ideal. Children, in turn, have vitamins, minerals and food supplements specially designed for them. It is advisable to seek the advice of a physician before they are given. It is also important for all family members to do their routine tests, to take care of their health.

7. Follow the rules

Each family has some rules regarding nutrition, sleep hours, but also other health issues. They should not be violated, because such discipline not only lowers the risk of illness, but helps you become an organized person.

8. I do nothing

We all have times when we feel overwhelmed by stressful times, whether we are adults or children. Homework, too busy schedule, extracurricular activities can overwhelm the little ones, while work tasks, combined with other daily worries, can be a burden for parents. Well, when you feel the batteries drain, you will not be afraid of times when you do nothing. Make an afternoon of laziness in the family part of the routine to restore your energy!

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