Signs that you didn't choose a good babysitter

Signs that you didn't choose a good babysitter

A babysitter or a good nanny is becoming increasingly difficult to find today. Despite the fact that it comes with impeccable CVs and customized recommendations, many of the bones do not have the necessary training to take care of a baby, which is why parents are increasingly worried and suspicious about them. Here are the main signs that you didn't choose the best babysitter!

The theory from CV does not reconcile with the practice from reality

He was presented with an irreproachable CV at the interview, and the references he gave seemed to be real. Even so, it is important to be reserved about the bone and not to give so much importance to the CV and the recommendations, because they are "manufactured" with great ease today.

If you notice that what is written in the CV is not in line with the reality and that indispensable things in the care of a young child are lacking in skills - first aid measures, crying methods, etc., change it!

The child gets hurt easily and often

Do you find that it happens more and more often that the little one is hurt, hurt, scratched or bruised when you get home? These signs denote the neglect of the child in the care of the child and the fact that it leaves him unattended. When these accidents, both minor and minor, become a habit, it is important to change the babysitter, because your child's safety is in danger.

The child is dirty, tired and often hungry

By the time you get home, your baby should be eaten, changed and rested and greeted with the joy he shows almost always when he sees you. But if you often come home and find that your little one barely notices you, is full of power, dirty and complains that he is hungry, it means that the babysitter you have chosen doesn't do its job properly.

The child seems to be anxious and fearful in the presence of the baby

You can easily understand that the baby does not care for the child and without the child leaving it or without obvious signals, to which the child could always find a justified explanation. Watch carefully the behavior of the child in the presence of the baby. If she is comfortable and happy in her company, it means that you have made a good choice. But if he is anxious and gives the impression that he is afraid to stay with her or start crying when he sees her, something is definitely not right and it is advisable to change it.

You have a negative feeling

When you are a mother, it is advisable to base your decisions on child care and instinct. It cheats you very rarely and, most often, manages to get you out of a lot of complicated situations. If you have a negative feeling about the boss, and your instinct tells you that something is wrong with it, listen to it. Watch it more closely, watch it carefully, test it, and find out whether or not it is right to leave your child in her hands.

Did you have the misfortune to encounter an inappropriate good? How did you find out? Share us the signals that made it empty, in the comments section below!

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