8 tricks to help your child remember different things for school

8 tricks to help your child remember different things for school

Storing is probably the most inappropriate option for a child when he or she has to learn something. The fact that repeating things mechanically will not help him to understand them better, and over time there are high chances to forget them. However, memorization cannot be avoided, especially in the primary classes, when the little ones have to settle down to start their school. Here are 8 tricks to help your child remember different things for school.

Cardboard method (can be applied for several subjects)

Write the question on one side and the correct answer on the other. Then ask your child to go to the opposite side of the room. Each time you give the correct answer you will take a step forward. When he forgets something and gives the wrong answer, the little one will step back. This game is very fun, and with the help of the child will be able to easily memorize words or numbers.

Names of cities

Help him to memorize city names in alphabetical order by associating them with a song he loves. It will be much easier to associate them with musical rhythms.

The number of days of the months

Memorizing the number of days can be fun, and for that you need the finger mounts. Have him clench his fist and teach him to count the months using the mounts and the spaces between them. It starts with January on the first frame from right to left, except for the thumb. Then the little one learns that the months that fall on the mounts have 31 days, while the months that fall between have 30 days. Exception is February.

Joining points on a graph

Sometimes students have to join two points on a graph and I do not know whether to count horizontally or vertically for the first time. Remind your child that he went first to the horizontal and then only started to stand up and walk.

Measurement units

Help him learn the abbreviations of the units of measure easier by associating the letters with other familiar words. For example, "M" from the meter can associate it with "Mother", "L" from liter with "Laptic", "G" from gram with "Kindergarten" and so on. Use your imagination and invent words with meaning known to him.

Use charts

When you have to store facts and facts you can apply another easy method that will help you understand and retain them better. This is the technique of logical memory. So, take a white sheet or a notebook and draw a diagram. For example, it has to learn the cities through which the river Olt passes. Draw a few circles and join them with two circular lines representing the river Olt. Inside the circles write the names of the cities.

Meaning of close words

Explain what is the difference between the personal pronouns of closeness and that of distance by appropriate examples. The "one" may be the person crossing the street, while the "he" is the person next to him.

Use acronyms

Use acronyms to help him retain the meaning of words more easily. Acronym examples: "TIR" - "international road transport", "aprozar" - "supply with vegetables", "Plafar" - "pharmaceutical plants".

What tricks do you use to help him better remember the facts and things about school? Tell us your opinion in the comments section below!