3 common problems in babies and their solutions

3 common problems in babies and their solutions

When you are a parent of a baby, fears for his health overwhelm you and worry you more than you should. Each red pat on the skin, crying and heavier breathing of the baby give you cold creeps on your back and make you think about what's worse. Learn to get to know your baby better and identify the main problems he faces in the first year of life, to relieve anxiety and to enjoy his growth more!

Immediately after birth and up to the age of 1 year, the baby may face a lot of medical conditions. However uncomfortable and uncomfortable their symptoms are, there are three common problems that do not pose major problems for the health of the baby, but which must be properly controlled or treated.

Diaper irritation

Diaper irritation occurs in most babies up to 1 year of age and is manifested by the appearance of bubbling or reddish spots on the butt or in the groin area. The symptoms are distressing for the baby and it manifests through itching and itching.

The main causes of this condition are:

  • inadequate local hygiene;
  • choosing inappropriate diapers (size and material);
  • powdered milk diet;
  • Candida fungal infection (especially after antibiotic treatment);
  • sanitizing reusable diapers with detergents with perfumes or irritants.

The best way to treat diaper irritation is prevention. Choosing the right diapers and changing them frequently, correct hygiene of the intimate area after each toilet and applying special ointments or creams before putting on the diapers are the main methods of preventing this type of irritation.

Choose to use Sudocrem every time you change your baby's diaper. Sudocrem is a unique product that contains several active ingredients that provide complex skin protection, helping you in the process of preventing diaper irritations in the baby. It is a creamy paste that stretches easily, suitable for daily use.

It contains zinc oxide, a compound that causes tissue shrinkage, thus reducing tissue fluid loss in the regeneration process.


Colic cramps or uncomfortable abdominal pain commonly encountered in the first months of life of babies, whose exact cause has not been detected so far. Among the main factors favoring colic include:

  • the immature digestive system;
  • milk intolerant;
  • lack of regurgitation or omission of eruption after meal;
  • hormonal problems;
  • undernutrition etc.

Abdominal colic is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • loud, sudden crying, especially after meals;
  • bending of the body and redness to the face;
  • agitation and irritability;
  • constant rubbing of the feet during crying.

Unfortunately, not identifying the exact causes made it impossible to develop a rapid and definitive treatment against colic. There are several measures that help prevent and reduce their severity:

  • regurgitation and eructation;
  • breastfeeding in the correct position;
  • swaddling;
  • tummy massage;
  • hot water bottle on the abdomen;
  • rocking;
  • milk change;
  • probiotics;
  • tea against colic.

In pharmacies there are beneficial oral suspensions for calming colic in infants. Infacol is such a product designed to eliminate the severe pain and colic caused by excessive gas and swallowing of baby air, thus providing a quick remedy against stomach pain and abdominal distension of the baby.

The use of Infacol is very simple, even if the baby cries, having a pipette integrated in the lid, which makes it easy to administer. It can be used from birth!

Infacol contains the active ingredient Simethicone - it is clinically proven to help eliminate colic in infants and tummy aches since birth. It does not contain sugar, alcohol or dyes and has a natural orange flavor.

Clogged nose

Nose clogging is a common symptom of colds and flu and is manifested by the inability of the baby to breathe properly. Heavy breathing on the nose causes the baby to breathe in the mouth, which often triggers sore throats, mouth drying and disruption of sleep or rest.

Among the main measures you can take to properly and safely undo the baby's nose and provide easy breathing, are:

  • saline solution;
  • steam bath;
  • nasal aspirator;
  • room humidifier, etc.

The nasal aspirator has always proven to be a great help for cool parents and children. Nosko nasal aspirator is mounted on the home vacuum cleaner, automatically adjusts the suction power, regardless of the vacuum power and facilitates the normal breathing of the child.

It is advisable to use a nasal spray with saline or seawater before each aspiration.

Do you know of any other problems commonly encountered in baby age? Tell us what these are and what remedies you use for them, in the comment section below!

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