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Getting out in the park with the child - how do we avoid the dangers?

Getting out in the park with the child - how do we avoid the dangers?

Children seem to have inexhaustible energy sources. However, the fact that a child is active and responsive to what is happening around him helps us to know that he is healthy and that everything is okay. A crying, crying child, who has sudden changes of state, tells us that something is happening, that it is something that bothers him - the reasons may be among the most diverse, especially during the young age.

To consume this energy, your child needs activities either outdoors or at playgrounds or at home. Because the weather outside is warm and allows us to spend more and more time outdoors, the park seems to be the best solution for a walk or to go to the play areas where our little one can make new friends. and where you can train with them in all kinds of activities. Regardless of age, the child should be supervised to avoid possible accidents that can occur at every step while playing in the park.

Group of children of the same age

In the park there are children of all ages and you will see that your little one prefers the company of certain friends, of the same age or close age with him. The advantage of such a group is that most of its members are in the same stage of development and therefore have concerns for similar games. Even so, always in a group you can notice the "leader" who, even at a young age, can come up with ideas of games between the most unexpected and dangerous. It's good to teach your little one to tell you what he or she would like to do before making the game proposed by another child that seems unknown or dangerous.

Safe games

The parks are equipped with the most diverse games, precisely to cover the needs of exploration for a larger beach of children coming here. In order to avoid accidents, establish from the beginning with the little one the places where he is allowed to play alone and those where he must call you next to him. However, childhood is, especially for boys, a string of twists and turns. In such situations, we align the little ones with many hugs, but the muscular dislocations and stretches will require more care. The first step is to help the little one to calm down, to try to avoid the sudden movements, and depending on the affection, we can apply to the little one a bandage, possibly and a compress with ice. Among the drugs that could help relieve pain and reduce inflammation are those based on ibuprofen, but before taking a medicine, read the package leaflet carefully.

Children's play program

With the warm weather, the temptation to spend as much time outdoors with friends is very high. During the transitional period of the seasons, viruses circulate that can endanger the health of the little one. In case of symptoms of cold or fever, one of the drugs that could prevent the aggravation of these symptoms is the one with antithermal effect. It also avoids letting it play around with children who are chilled because viruses are transmitted very quickly from one child to another, especially now, when the body is trying to adjust to the new season.

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