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Baby body cream

Baby body cream

The skin of the baby is different from the skin of an adult. It is an immature organ, which takes two to three years to mature. That is why the body cream you choose for the little one has to respect certain characteristics. Here are the essential rules that you should be aware of when choosing your baby cream!

The skin of the baby is prone to infections and irritation

The skin of the baby is three times thinner than that of adults, so the product that passes through its skin will have a concentration three times stronger in the body of the baby, than that of an adult. For this reason, the chosen cream should not contain any chemicals, since the risk of infections is much higher.

The baby's skin is delicate, so it is good for the care products chosen for him to be non-irritating and hypoallergenic. The cream that you use for baby's skin care should have a light texture.

Types of body creams suitable for the skin of the baby

In order to moisturize your baby's skin, it is important to choose products specially created for him and not to use other creams, as you risk irritating the baby's skin. Here are some types of body creams that might be suitable for your baby.

Body cream with olive oil

Vitamin E-enriched olive oil ensures the health and radiance of your baby's skin. Olive oil not only ensures the health of the skin, but also moisturizes and makes it soft. It is advisable to use body cream with olive oil after each bath.

Body cream with almond oil

Almond oil, in combination with zinc oxide, helps the body fight infections and clears irritations. If the baby has irritated skin, apply this body lotion with almond oil that will dry out the irritations and heal the baby's skin.

Body cream with aloe

Aloe is a plant that has anti-inflammatory effect on baby's irritations, soothing and relaxing sensitive skin. Aloe body cream penetrates deep into the epidermal layers, which is why the skin is nourished and hydrated for a long time.

Body cream with milk protein

Milk proteins give the skin intensive care and provide protection during any weather. It is good to massage the baby's skin with body milk protein cream after each bath.

Body cream with orange oil

Orange oil soothes the skin of your baby. Body cream has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Also, this cream quickly soothes irritated areas of your baby's body, as well as inflamed areas.

Body cream with vitamins A and E

Vitamins A and E are the most important antioxidants for your baby's skin and have a protective effect against free radicals. The body cream that contains these two vitamins helps keep the skin of the baby hydrated and elastic. This body cream is ideal especially during the summer, when the baby may be more exposed to solar radiation than in other times of the year. Vitamin A helps regenerate the skin cells and keeps it healthy and velvety.

What body cream do you use to moisturize your baby's skin? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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