11 reasons why young children are very nervous little men

11 reasons why young children are very nervous little men

Only the one who is not a parent does not know how exciting the life of a small child can be, because there will always be 1000 reasons for the baby to become irascible. And when the child is irascible, the whole family knows this, because it can make a more deafening noise than a motorcycle or cry more convincingly as an actor.

Children's life can be tumultuous and full of people who do not understand in any way that they only eat sandwiches cut into perfect triangles and drink milk only from the blue cup ... or maybe the red one. Life can be difficult for these little dictators, because sometimes they have to feel the center of the Universe, and their parents seem to not fulfill their wishes at all.

Discover some of the reasons that can turn your little one into a little Grinch.

The small accommodations, the great tragedies

You have surely noticed how many times a child falls as long as the day is long. At one point, these accommodations can become so tiring that crying seems their only refuge. What to do, if his feet do not listen, he must show his anger in a way!

Moms just don't realize some things ... dirty

Only those who do not wear diapers do not know how annoying it is that they are not changed in time, which means in time! So a baby can become extremely upset when the mother does not change the dirty diaper.

Nobody understands what I'm saying

Children do everything they can to convey and communicate a lot of things to you, when in fact, you do not even understand what their sounds mean. And from here, the great misunderstanding that can upset the little ones! "How's my mom, right?"

You try to change their behavior

For a small child it can be extremely frustrating to remove it every time from the wall it is still coloring and to tell them that it is not good what it does. How do toys help him when he just wants to color?

Nobody understands their wishes

If you help him put on his shoes for walking in the park, why don't you understand that you don't help him? He wants to try even a million times, until he succeeds, what are you doing?

Immediately means immediately!

Does the following scenario sound familiar to you? He asks you something, you take the job and you remember after two minutes, when you see him rolling on the floor or crying with tears knotting his beard. Well, you haven't learned the lesson so far that when asked for something, promptness is the letter of the law? Immediately it just means immediately when it comes to satisfying the wishes of the little ones!

Everyone suggests a little sleep

For a small child, anything can be tiring, so parents always take care to get them to sleep on time, and have some sleep during the day. But what do you do when the little ones don't even want to hear sleep, but maybe they just want to be swayed endlessly.

I can't walk around naked, but what interests them?

And what if no one has ever seen a naked child in shopping? Maybe he wants to be the first and howls from the snake's mouth when you try to put on the most beautiful clothes he has to go to a shopping session through the supermarket.

Jealousy, blame her!

Not only your baby is part of your family, but you also happen to have a dog, a kitten or a brother or older sister. And the little one is in great need when the attention is no longer directed at him and this is felt: from the irritated face, from the crying with the hiccups, from the fact that he says NO to anything ...

When you say NO, he seems to be enjoying himself

Isn't that when you say NO, your child seems to have a brighter face than usual and does that? Could this be a strategy, as we adults, about the secret life of babies?

A test of patience

Have you thought maybe your little one actually wants to give you a patience test when it seems like it's okay? So you can get upset about anything, even when you buy a toy. He, in fact, wanted the other one, so this is what he can't see!

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