Welcome to the world, a Save the Kids campaign

Welcome to the world, a Save the Kids campaign

Although she has two children and a precarious material situation, Anca did not endure to give up her last pregnancy and brought a baby girl to the world.

Living conditions, poor hygiene and the absence of constant medical monitoring determined the baby's premature birth, at only 27 weeks, and a weight of only 900 grams.

For little Maria it was too early to be born, so her life depended on a performance incubator that would provide her with the vital conditions for a normal development, compatible with life.

The mother, in love with the hustle and bustle of life, has chosen to watch daily, with hope in her soul, the struggle of the little girl for life and every passing day is a victory for them.

Anca knows it is a difficult time, but she is convinced that the medical staff and the incubator donated by the Save the Children organization help the little girl get closer to the moment they can go home, where they are looking forward to their family.

"I thought I would lose Mary, but now I see how she is gaining weight every day and is a fighter."

This is one of the wonderful stories that we enjoy with the little fighters and their parents, the joy that we can help as many children in Romania. Maria is one of the beneficiaries of the campaign launched last year - "Welcome to the world". Last year, we managed to provide 15 maternity wards with high-performance incubators, which are needed to save lives.

And this year Save the Children launches the "Welcome to the World" fundraising campaign to equip 25 maternity wards in Romania to help prevent child mortality and to help pregnant women and mothers in 15 communities bring children to the world. healthy and to help them raise their children. The campaign runs from October 19 to January 15.

Although the infant mortality rate in Romania decreased significantly in the period 1990-2012, as a percentage, as well as absolute figures, 8471 deaths in 1990, 2250 in 2009 and 1812 respectively in 2012, Romania remains in the first place in the European Union , with a infant mortality rate of 9 per 1000 live births in 2012 (according to the National Institute of Statistics).

Worldwide, one child dies every four seconds. In our country, a child younger than one year dies every 5 hours, and the main cause of infant mortality is premature births. Mortality, as well as life expectancy, reflects the standard of living and education of a population, access to medical services, the progress of medicine and public health.

One third of these deaths can be prevented by developing support programs for mothers and children and by equipping maternal and newborn wards with high-quality medical equipment.