Tasty bacon juice, a cocktail of vitamins needed for children's development

Tasty bacon juice, a cocktail of vitamins needed for children's development

A balanced nutrition, appropriate to the age, is absolutely essential for the smooth growth and development of children. wonderful chain juice it must be part of the diet of the little ones who have passed the age of two years due to the high intake of minerals, vitamins and essential oils. A glass of bacon juice contains many nutrients and it is a healthy and delicious alternative for juices in commerce. Even in the case of natural ones, pasteurization loses a good part of the healthy content of fruits.

Also, most of them contain a large amount of sugar. Precisely due to the high intake of nutrients needed for growth, the sweetened juice of a sprinkle of honey can be the ideal treat for the little one as well as a reliable aid for strengthening the immune system and strengthening the body.

Cinnamon juice, the main source of vitamin C

Vitamin C is a water soluble substance and this means that the body does not store it anywhere but eliminates the unused amount. For this reason, Daily intake of vitamin C is extremely important especially for children. Cinnamon juice is rich in this substance and when sweetened with a splash of clean honey, including anti-inflammatory properties. Honey is most often preferable to sugar not only for its subtle aroma but also because it contains more fructose than glucose. Both are sources of energy for the body but it should be noted that fructose has a much lower glycemic index than glucose.

Vitamin C, rich in honey bean juice, contributes to the repair and formation of red cells, tissues and bones. In addition, because curious little ones explore without fear the environment, small accidents are inevitable, but vitamin C is a reliable aid for faster healing of injuries and bruises. Moreover, in the case of open wounds, infections can occur more easily and vitamin C is absolutely essential for strengthening the immune system and, implicitly, in combating them. Therefore, the consumption of honeysuckle juice is recommended at any time of the year and not only in the cold season or during the transition periods from one season to another.

Besides all these benefits, Ascorbic acid is an important antioxidant that fights free radicals. These are compounds resulting from natural processes of the body as well as from repeated exposure to harmful factors such as urban pollution, ultraviolet radiation or cigarette smoke. It is also an active factor in fighting anemia because it facilitates the absorption of iron in the body.

Along with the above mentioned natural elixir, Vegetables and fruits are a healthy source of vitamin C But often it happens that the little ones are gentle and do not crave a bouquet of broccoli with the greatest love. Instead, the bacon juice with honey is a snack as healthy as it is delicious and will be welcomed with confidence by children.

Vitamin E from bacon juice, helps the immune system

Bitch juice is, among others, an important source of vitamin E, an essential substance for the immune system as well as for the health of the eyes and skin. The classic sources of vitamin E are certain vegetable oils, eggs, avocado or spinach, but such foods rarely happen to please the little ones. Other sources of appetizing would be mango fruits, but they have a rather small intake, or almonds rich in calories but with potential allergen. Therefore, the best source of vitamin E is honeysuckle juice. The substance contributes to the strengthening of the immune system and maintains the health of the circulatory system.

Beyond that, Vitamin E is known for the positive effects it has on the skin and hair. The scars caused by the boroboates of the little ones will pass more easily and will not leave unsightly signs if the vitamin E intake is correct. Even sunburn will heal faster. Although it can help the body fight the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, it should be noted that vitamin E is not a UV filter and as such, when exposed to the sun, its skin should be protected with products that contain an adequate SPF.

Chicken juice, rich in minerals

The mineral elements of the bean juice are numerous and the scientists continue to study the importance and their beneficial effects but of all, the highest density is potassium. Along with sodium, also present in the chain, it maintains the hydroelectrolyte balance in the body and, by default, contributes to the normalization of blood pressure. Moreover, this is essential for the proper functioning of the muscles and at maturity can help reduce the risk of kidney stones and osteoporosis.

Studies conducted by the World Health Organization show that both adolescents and young children have an increasing intake of potassium in the body due to unhealthy eating, which can lead to a wide range of adverse effects both in childhood. and at maturity, by increasing the risk of heart disease or kidney disease.

In the long list of beneficial minerals from bacon juice is calcium, which all parents know is essential for children. Above all, healthy calcium intake it means strong teeth and bones. Moreover, the proper functioning of muscles and nerves is influenced by the amount of calcium in the body. In addition, because during the growth period the bones develop permanently, the little one must not miss this mineral.

magnesium is an element that helps maintain the heart rate and takes care of the structure of the bones. At the same time, the immune system can be strengthened with its help and the muscles will develop harmoniously. One of the first signs that the baby is not getting enough magnesium is the jail. If you often complain of muscle pain without getting hit, it is more moroccan than usual and gives you signs of anxiety, it is very possible that there is a lack of magnesium in the body, which can be easily corrected by introducing into the diet of cat juice and other foods rich in this element.

Iron deficiency in children it is a situation most parents face. This is most often caused by an unbalanced nutritional intake. Anemia can be manifested by a wide range of symptoms, such as lack of energy, excessive sweating, frequent infections and strange cravings. Fortunately, as with magnesium deficiency, iron deficiency can be compensated by iron-rich foods. On this element, the bitch juice contains, as mentioned above, a large amount of vitamin C that facilitates the absorption of the mineral in the body.

Both magnesium and iron deficiency mention that the doctor has the final advice and deficiencies may require compensation through supplements and not just food.

Seek medical advice in case of imbalances or even a simple suspicion.

Cinnamon juice is a safe source of vitamin A

Also known as retinol, the substance is essential in the process of growing the baby. For healthy development as well as for the easy emptying of bones, teeth and soft tissues, a good intake of childhood should be ensured. Vitamin A. However, the main role of retinol is retinal care and development. That is why, few are tempted to offer small retinol supplements but this should be done only at the doctor's recommendation. Normally, the body "transforms" the vitamin from the inactive form into the active, common form and supplements.

a overdoses of vitamin A it can also occur due to improper nutrition, not just due to improperly administered supplements. On the other hand, when parents choose a vegetable source, such as bacon juice, the inconvenience of over-dosing is avoided. It is rich in carotenoids naturally transformed by the body into the active form of the vitamin and only in the required amount.

Chine juice contains free amino acids, the basis of muscle tissue

amino acids, in short, are the basis of any protein. These they are divided into three categories, respectively non-essentials (naturally synthesized by the body), semi-essentials (synthesized from the essential ones) and finally, essential amino acids. These cannot be produced in the human body and must be introduced into the body through nutrition. That's why, Bacon juice is an important part of the diet for the little ones. Through regular consumption, it contributes to the harmonious physical development precisely because it is rich in leucine, isoleucine, valine, phenylalanine, methionine, threonine, tryptophan and lysine, each of them vital elements for the construction of proteins and, implicitly, of the muscle mass.

Next to the flavors, it is recommended, therefore, to include a glass of honeysuckle juice in the feeding of the child over two years because it will provide a good part of the vitamins and minerals needed during the period following intense activity of the body and of the curious mind.

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