The 7 rules of the responsible parent

The 7 rules of the responsible parent

  1. Listen to your instincts. Ask yourself questions. You have the innate ability to sense danger. If instinct tells you it's dangerous, then most likely it is.
  2. Anticipate the worst case scenario by playing through role-plays. Prepare for the unexpected. "You don't have to hit me with a bat to know it hurts." Also, there is no need to personally experience certain situations to learn how to react. Simulate potential hazards by playing, making sure your scenarios are realistic. Learn to recognize the difference between real and imaginary dangers.
  3. Use your eyes and mind. Always look back and forth. Know the surroundings before entering somewhere. Analyze all the clues and try to understand their significance.
  4. Do not neglect yourself in risky situations. Analyze each person, place and situation - sometimes with the speed of a scanner if needed - from the perspective of the risk it can generate.
    Surveillance, evaluation and planning are what help policemen and soldiers to return home from missions, not comfort, neglect or unconsciousness.
    Although I am convinced that you as a parent have thrown fire into your children, it is not really necessary to do so. All you have to do is acknowledge when it is really time to "break it in flight".
  5. Ask for help at any time. You're not alone. More people will help you than they will hurt you. Don't be afraid to ask for help - just because it's embarrassing not to bother. Recognize your limits. Do not go alone in dangerous places or situations.
  6. Resist the comfort. Convenience is the number one reason for victimization. Do not wait "until tomorrow" to change the door lock and do not become adept at the idea "it cannot happen to me". We are all equal in the face of danger.
  7. Get involved. We need an entire community to be sure of the safety of our children. Learn about the dangers specific to your community. Be a voice of the community when it comes to child safety. Above all, put aside any embarrassment or misunderstanding when it comes to reporting a crime. Do it even anonymously, but always - always, report to the police whatever you find dubious in your community.
    Many criminals and criminals were caught precisely because people like you announced the police.

Whenever something bad is about to happen, there are signs that warn you. You just have to know after you look, be open to accepting your instincts and have the courage to act according to them.

You must understand that you have the necessary skills to protect your children. You trust that. Safe children have responsible and confident parents. It's just that simple - because crimes can be prevented, violence is predictable and knowledge is the key!


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