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7 trends related to pregnancy in 2012

7 trends related to pregnancy in 2012

The year 2012 imposed new trends related to pregnancy, but rediscovered older ones, which it has restored today. Posting the birth in real time on social networks, photographing the moment of the baby's birth, spending the future dads and geometric patterns in decorating the baby's room are just a few of the trends that have emerged last year, among the growing parents!

Babies born outside marriage

The specialists found a trend among couples who became parents or conceived in 2012. They no longer expected to marry and no longer considered marriage an essential factor in deciding to have a child. More and more babies have been born or are about to be born into families where parents are not married.

Party of tactics in progress

According to the bachelor party model, Americans have imposed a new type of party among couples who have children - the party of the future father. If moms were already part of the famous baby shower party, why wouldn't future dads celebrate this important change in their lives?

The pattern of the party follows the same pattern as that of the bachelor party, in which several fathers or future parents leave the city and bump into a glass in honor of the new status. If, at the bachelor party, the gifts flowed as "out of place", as for future dads, the imagination of the guests is put to the hard test, because they must find the most funny and out of the ordinary gifts suitable for a dad.

Photos from the birth of the child

As if it was not enough that it became fashionable to assist the father at birth and possibly immortalize everything on a video camera, the year 2012 launched a new trend: photographers specialized in births. It is a strange trend and considered by some to be quite disgusting, but for nonconformist and extravagant parents it is a way to keep the memories of the first moments of the child's life alive, in a special photo album.

Zig zag graphics for decorating the child's room

The geometric patterns, with zigzag, black and white or colored stripes, quickly prevailed among the interior design trends of 2012, in the arrangement of children's rooms. These modern graphic models have been used mainly to decorate the walls of the rooms, the ceiling and even the parquet or floor.

Birth at home

More and more mothers have opted in 2012 for the unconventional method of giving birth at home. They wanted to bring the child into the world in a friendly and welcoming space and what better place than their own home? The specialists noted, last year, a significant increase in the rate of home births compared to other periods in the past.

Fashionable belts or belts for pregnant women

Most pregnant women put belts or middle belts aside during their pregnancy, because they put pressure on their tummy and made them very uncomfortable. The celebrities who were pregnant in 2012 - Tori Spelling, Anna Paquin and Kristin Cavallari - imposed a new trend in fashion for pregnant women - wearing the belt over the belly.

More and more pregnant women have taken the model and have introduced a new fashion in wearing this belt so as to highlight the belly, to display it proudly wherever they go.

Posting the birth in real time, on Twitter

Announcing the birth of the baby in real time, on Twitter, has become a fashion, also taken from the stars who had the "inspiration" to keep their fans informed about the evolution of pregnancy and bringing the child into the world. It didn't take long until even less or less famous couples started announcing the birth of their baby in this nonconformist way.

Many parents have stated that it is the simplest and most effective way to announce to all their loved ones that the baby is born.

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