World Vision Romania launches the Future Donor program

World Vision Romania launches the Future Donor program

World Vision Romania announces the launch of the Future Donor program, the first child sponsorhip in Romania, through which the organization offers the possibility of Romanians to contribute to changing the fate of an underprivileged community, supporting the children in that community.

The first stage of the community development program will run in the interval October 2013 - September 2014 and will address the needs of 13 disadvantaged communities in Dolj County, this being one of the counties with the lowest standard of living in Romania.

In the first phase of the campaign, those who wish to support the World Vision approach can support one of the 600 children enrolled in the program, through monthly donations of 68 lei at

Romanians - first involved in community development processes

So far, World Vision's community development programs have been carried out with the help of individual donors from other countries such as the USA, Canada, Taiwan, Switzerland, etc. Starting with October 2013, World Vision Romania also offers Romanians the opportunity to get involved in such a project, thus giving rural children the chance for a better future.

The particularity of the Future Donor program is the long-term involvement and the creation of a direct link between the child and the person who enrolls in the donation program. Thus, the program allows constant communication between the donor and the child, the first of them being able to correspond with the child and his family or to visit him, if he wishes.

"For many of the 600 children enrolled in the program, childhood is the long way to walk to school regardless of the season, it means a pair of shoes that they share with their brothers, a small room lit by a single candle or a potato. shared boil - the meal for the whole day By launching the Donor of the Future campaign, we want to change this reality and give hope to these children who are facing too early weights, so please everyone who sees this message not to remain indifferent. Their donation can make a difference. Together, we can change lives for the better, "said Catalin Andrew Popa, Director of National World Vision Romania.

The impact of community donation

Through the Future Donor program, each campaign supporter helps World Vision Romania contribute to the change of life of the 600 children, changing the world in which they live. Thus, starting from the fact that the well-being of the child is closely linked to the well-being of his family and the community in which he lives, World Vision Romania will work with the people in each community to solve the problems they face, so that its members can become capable. to take fate in their own hands and to better care for their children.

"We strongly believe that the best solution to eradicate poverty, one that lasts, is to work with people in a community to solve the problems they face, in order to build a better community. community development, we work with the community to find out its greatest needs, we develop the activity plan with the members and the community leaders, we put the plan into practice together and, at the last stage, we prepare the community members so that they know how to take care of what they have built and acquire new resources in order to benefit from a continuous and sustainable development, "said Catalin Andrew Popa, Director of National World Vision Romania.

The implementation of the campaign will be carried out on areas of activity, according to the World Vision philosophy, having 5 main levels: education, health, economic development, advocacy and spiritual development.

The development of the programs permanently envisages the transformation of communities from passive, uninvolved entities, waiting for outside support to overcome difficult situations, into active, involved communities, capable of building the future of their own children.

How can you become a future donor?

Very simple. Go to and choose the child you want to support. By donating 68 lei a month, you give the chosen child the chance for a better life and moral support. Thus, with less than 2.5 lei / day you can change his destiny, giving him the opportunity to go to school every day, to have the necessary books and books, to go to the doctor when appropriate and to benefit from the appropriate treatment, even go on trips and camps and see that the world is much larger than he knows.

You will receive letters from the chosen child, information about his evolution and you can visit him if you wish. But the impact of your donation is much greater. It spreads over the entire community in which the child lives. With your help, World Vision Romaniava works with representatives of the communities in the program to develop projects designed according to local needs, thus contributing to the well-being of all children and families in the area.

600 children enrolled in the project are waiting for our help