Creative activities and courses for children: Acting, Painting, Good manners

Creative activities and courses for children: Acting, Painting, Good manners

Creative activities and courses for children: Acting, Painting, Good manners

Are you looking for an acting or painting workshop to support your child's development? Or maybe an interactive course to guide the little ones to reading? The Calea Victoriei Foundation has prepared a lot of courses for children this fall through the School of Arts and Mannerism program.

Through the creative courses we offer, we encourage each child to participate with pleasure in different activities, to ask questions and to develop their imagination. Unlike formal education, our programs are a space for interaction, in which children can relax and learn new things in an unconventional way.

Workshop program for children in November

From November 9, we take the first steps in Acting. Children's workshop (4-6 years old), along with the charismatic actress Smaranda Caragea. The workshop is intended as an introductory course in theater for preschoolers, which "puts to work" the naturalness and joy of playing small children. Children will enjoy interactive and captivating games, through which they will gain the power of concentration, they will develop the ability to act, they will learn to distribute their attention and, last but not least, to listen and respond concretely.
On November 16, at the workshop Discover the story characters through the Theater (7-12 years), actress Marcela Andrei, with a long experience of working with children at the Ion Creanga Theater, will guide the little ones to the wonderful world of books and stories. The main objective of this course is to develop the interest for reading, through exercises taken from the actor's art and adapted for children. Following the workshop, the children will develop their language, enrich their vocabulary and develop their facial and physical expressiveness.
Also from November 16, we begin the Ocole of the Earth in five episodes - Painting workshop for children (7-12 years), supported by Maria Balan, plastic artist. We will meet, through drawing and painting, the most spectacular landscapes of the world. In addition to notions of painting and drawing, children will have the opportunity to fix in their memory, in a non-conformist manner, important milestones for their general culture. We will discover life in Africa and mysterious Egypt, explore the white stretches of Antarctica, the landscapes with the Grand Canyon and the peaks of the Himalayas.
At the Workshop of Good manners and kindness through the Theater (7-12 years), November 16, Marcela Andrei will guide the little ones through the labyrinth of social rules and conventions, with the help of exercises specific to the theatrical art. Through play and play, good manners can be understood and assimilated more easily and pleasantly by children. We learn together how to get acquainted, how to introduce ourselves or how to behave at the table, at school and during the visit. Some essential rules - understood and practiced from childhood - can help us in our daily lives to communicate better with those around us and to have a harmonious existence. The workshop runs from 13.00 to 14.30.
More details about our workshops can be found on the children's website You can call us on mobile: 0723.167.892 and landline: 021.321.30.22.

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