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Handy methods to replace refined sweets in children's menu

Handy methods to replace refined sweets in children's menu

Sweets and desserts have become a headache for many parents, who, terrified of the danger of obesity, prefer to keep their children on a very strict diet and completely devoid of these temptations. But experts believe that the solution is not to exclude the dessert from the menu, but to find healthy and nutritious variants.

The desserts created with cheese and fruit are handy. It provides the essential nutritional intake of vitamins and minerals that it needs for a harmonious growth, without predisposing to obesity. Discover below some healthy and nourishing sweet snack ideas for your little one!

Yogurt with chocolate flakes

If your little one cannot give up the taste and pleasure of enjoying a little chocolate from time to time, then they reduce the amount they usually consume, slipping them into a little yogurt, like flakes. Scrape 1-2 squares of bitter chocolate and add the flakes to a bowl of yogurt.

If you do not have bitter chocolate, you can replace it with a little chocolate sauce. If the taste is not sweet enough for the little one, add a little sweetness from the grandmother or half a teaspoon of honey.

Cheeses or fruit yogurts

Cut some of the baby's favorite fruit into cubes, toss them in a bowl of yogurt or cream cheese Something fine from Delaco and serve them as dessert. It is the simplest sweet snack you can prepare for the child and a way to serve the fruit, when the chickpea does not want to eat them fresh.

Cheesecake with fruit

Cheesecake is a very healthy cake for the little one, since it includes several types of cheese: cream cheese, mascarpone, cow cheese, etc., providing the child with the calcium portion he needs. You can choose Mascarpone Something fine from Delaco, it is very consistent and therefore ideal for desserts.

The fruits above or inside the cake provide the child with the rest of vitamins and minerals necessary for the daily functioning of the body. If you replace honey with sugar, the cake has a sweeter taste and is even richer in nutrients with therapeutic effects.

Check fast

You only need a few eggs, a little honey or brown sugar and flour and a few flavors to prepare the tastiest check for your chickpeas. Give up the packaged commercial cakes and prepare your child a healthy dessert.

You can also add fresh or dried fruit in the check to give a more attractive aroma to the little one. In addition you can ask him to choose the fruits and then do not forget to tell them that together you made the best cake.

Cheese with cereal flakes, dried fruits and nuts

Even if it seems a better option for breakfast, the combination of cream cheese, cow cheese or yogurt with cereal flakes, dried fruits and nuts is an amazing snack whenever the child craves something sweet. Choose Delaco's Something Fine products to garnish with your child's favorite fruits.

Fry with Milk Core

The most fun way to convince the children to eat cheese and fruit or vegetables: align 3 bowls - one with calcium cheese Milk Corn, one with seasonal fruits and one with seasonal vegetables. Ask them to insert the chopsticks of the fridges. Teamwork and the pride of "cooking" something so tasty are guaranteed.

How do you manage to substitute refined sweets from baby nutrition with healthier options? Tell us your suggestions in the comments section below!

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