Children growing up too fast ...

Children growing up too fast ...

Have you noticed how fast today's children are growing? Look around and you will see 12-year-old girls dressed as if they had 20 boys who believe Don Juani before knowing who they are and what they want from life.

Phones are held by books, toys, games and friends still in class I.

They start to move away from their parents so quickly that they don't even realize how good their friends can be. I begin to challenge them and close the door on their nose.

Adolescence comes much faster in children today. Because she is looking for it, as an excuse for quarreling with parents and for disinterest in school and any form of learning. Adolescence is much more aggressive, more meticulous and more savage in the case of children today. Because they grew too fast and did not manage to break their feet firmly in the ground.

If I were to give advice, to me and to all parents who still have young children, it is this: Try to encourage children to be childish as long as possible.

Sometimes we force them to grow too fast because we want to do many things and be responsible. We expect to understand like the big people and we say so many times: must, must, must!

I have heard so many parents saying, "You are too big to play with toys!", "You are too big to carry the teddy bear after you!", "You are too big to sleep with a doll!"

No, I don't think they're too big. He'll have his whole life to wake up early to go, responsible, to work. They will always have to make a mistake and head over the threshold. They will have all the time to live with his "must" terror: "This is what you must do!", "This is how you must speak!"

There is no shame in having a child as young as 18. Even then, he's just a kid.

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